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Thailand,Wat Kham Chanot temple.Situated in Amphoe Ban Dung,Udon Thani Province.20 minutes drive from the centre of Ban Dung,along the salt road towards Ban Muang.A winding country road off this main route takes you to this Temple. I’ve visited here on numerous occasions.This time filmed in HD. Links to other videos relevant sites included.All videos images,Nick Short,2010, assembly,Nick Short Media,2011

Buddha,Wat Kham Chanot,Udon Thani Province,2010,Thailand

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Buddhist Monk,Wat Kham Chanot,North East Thailand,2010 Wat Kham Chanot,North East Thailand,2009 Wat Kham Chanot,2011,Thailand Thailand,HD Videos,Images,Links,Archive,1991 -2010

Thailand,HD Videos,Images,Links,1991-2010

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Ban Dung

Nong Khai


Kham Chanot

Bung Kan

Ban Muang



Udon Thani


Vang Vieng,Laos

Wat Kham Chanot Path,November,2009,North East Thailand

Wat Kham Chanot,Thai New Year Festival,Songkran,April 13th,2009,Thailand..Located in North East Thailand,Amphoe Ban Dung.Thai New Year Festival at Kham Chanot.Market stalls,water festival,families gather together to celebrate the New Year at this outstanding Buddhist Temple in North East Thailand,Wang Nakhin.A small zoo with turtles has been added to the monastry

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Phang Khon

Kham Ta Kla

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